Samantha & Eric || Nature’s Connection || Arlington, Washington

Driving up to this wedding, I had the case of the excited butterflies. I had enjoyed all of my email conversations and my Skype date with Sam and Eric while preparing for their big day, and I was finally going to meet them face to face! I know I don’t tend to seem this way, but I’m actually quite shy at heart! 

My butterflies flew away the moment Sam saw me and hugged me! It was like I was being reunited with a lifelong friend, and I felt right at home! It continued to feel that way throughout the entire day. 

In the middle of the day, Samantha’s mother told us that there had been a mix up with the decor delivery two days before the wedding! Almost none of the decor that had been purchased and shipped to Washington for the wedding had made it, which left a lot running around for the days leading up to the big day. Can you believe that!? The family came together though and made for a magical event. The day could not have been more perfect! 

The clouds came and went, which made for amazing light and a stunning sky. I felt love beaming from everyone throughout the entire ceremony and evening. Samantha and Eric have made a lasting impression on so many lives!

Sam & Eric, I hope you enjoy your sneak peak of your wedding day! Thank you for allowing us to be your photographers!! It was an absolute honor!!



  1. Esther Immer says:

    Beautiful pictures of my grandson Eric and his beautiful bride Samantha.
    Beautiful photos.

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