Savannah & Hunter || Oquirrh Mountain Temple || South Jordan, Utah

Let’s start by saying that I had been looking forward to this wedding since the proposal (maybe even a little before that). Savannah and I have been close since the beginning of her life. In fact, you could say we are sisters. Ok, so we ARE sisters!! This is my little sister’s wedding!! AHHH! 

I was honored to have been asked not only to be the photographer of this beautiful wedding, but a bridesmaid as well! Bridesmaid, sister, and photographer means a lot of different hats for one day. I definitely crashed hard that night. I knew it would be a challenge though beforehand, so with the help of my husband (my usual second) and another wonderful photographer, Heather… we did it!! The dream team was created for this beautiful day! 

For those of you who don’t know this about our religion (I’m a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), we have our wedding ceremonies inside of a temple, where photographs are not allowed. To get some pictures that we wouldn’t have otherwise, typically brides will have their first looks the evening before. So that is exactly what we did!

The evening before their wedding, Savy and Hunter prepared to see each other in their beautiful wedding attire. Mine and Savannah’s parents were flying back into town later this evening, after going to support our brother whose graduation from Military Basic Training was the same day as the wedding (they went for family day, and flew back later that night).

It was a beautiful evening. We took advantage of all the beauty that is surrounding this gorgeous temple as well as a lake a little ways off. It’s always fun to walk around with a bride and groom, everyone cheers and congratulates them! And I absolutely love being a part of this!!

The ceremony was peaceful and full of light. It was such an honor to watch them be sealed. Coming out, I met with my second, Heather, and quickly stepped into photographer mode. I took turns going in and out of photographer and bridesmaid mode. I might have looked a little ragged, but I must say I had SO much fun! Every wedding day is a rush, and this one had a little bit of an extra rush to it! 🙂

There were a lot of emotions surrounding this wedding, as two of Hunter’s siblings and two of our siblings were missing. All of which wanted to come and, due to military and mission commitments, were unable to attend. 

To avoid false hope in case something didn’t work out, Savannah had been told that our brother, Jackson, would not be able to make it to any part of the day (he was literally graduating basic the same day). However, thanks to a ton of amazing friends and everything falling into place, he was able to make it to the reception. Savannah burst into tears as our missing brother appeared dressed as a military man. It was a beautiful surprise for this bride. 

Savannah and Hunter have endured me a lot more than most couples, which I can’t thank them enough for. They are the perfect pair, and I couldn’t be happier for them in all my capacities! Hunter – welcome to the family!

Savannah – I love you always. 

Second Shooter: Heather Smith Studios

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