Madeline & Julian || Down’s Farm || Chaska, Minnesota

This wedding day was so beautiful. It had tears, it had kisses, and it had fireworks!

Let me begin by saying that Madeline and I were very close friends in High School, we did SO much together!! I moved to MN right before my freshman year, and she was actually one of my first friends I made! Imagine my excitement last year, when I received an inquiry from her for her WEDDING!! I literally could’ve leaped through the roof. 

I met Julian soon after, and the rest is history. I LOVE these two. They compliment each other so well, and it is absolutely beautiful to see that. They were so on top of everything when planning their day, it made things run smoothly. 

This wedding day was unique in many ways. We had a little smoke haze from the fires going on out of state. Which was sad to see, but it didn’t take away from the day at all. Made for a different kind of a sunset though. 

Their ceremony was one of a kind with the procession arriving via Classic Cars! The bride arrived in her Dad’s ’68 Charger with her Dad at the wheel. It was so neat! 

And guys, they did a SPARKLER EXIT! YES!! I’ve been dying to do one of those. They were honestly the most laid back couple ever, and even let me do a long exposure with a sparkler right before their grand exit, which sometimes isn’t as easy as you’d think! 

Enjoy the sneak peak, Maddie & Julian!! Hope Paris treated you two well!! 🙂

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