I am so thrilled to say that my 2019 wedding season kicked off with Jonathan and Kayla’s beautiful wedding day!

It’s hard to summarize something that seemed almost like a dream. I had been to Hawaii one other time and there is just something magical about it. “It calls me…” as Moana would say.

I met up with Tamara and Erwin at the Waterfront in downtown Seattle for this engagement session. Can I just say that it always surprises me that I can find my clients so easily amongst crowds of people? There’s just a glow about couples coming to their sessions that makes them easy to find.

The only request for a location that Tess had was “big trees” for this session. Haha I took that as a true PNW look, and this beautiful location was it! We laughed and danced and TRULY had an adventure.

I’ve been wanting to post a personal post for a while concerning our big family trip to Mexico last March. It was my first adventure going foreign with my babies… well actually, it was my OWN first trip out of the country as well.

Ok, I’ve talked a little bit about Basic Invite before on my Instagram. However, I feel like I should probably make a little blog post about them, so all this great information is easily accessible to all my beautiful brides!

So you know the feeling when you meet an absolutely genuine person? What about when you meet two? Well that’s the feeling I got when I met Emily and Alex! They are so in love with each other! That love and happiness radiates off them, 110%!

Ok, I knew Kate was going to be a dream to work with after our first phone call. She was SO easy to talk to, and her vision for her wedding day had me beyond giddy!

This wedding day was so beautiful. It had tears, it had kisses, and it had fireworks! Let me begin by saying that Madeline and I were very close friends in High School, we did SO much together!!

I was honored to be asked to not only be the photographer of this beautiful wedding, but a bridesmaid as well! Bridesmaid, sister, and photographer…